Keeping up with modern requirements

ELECTRICAL Switchboards

CPRI approved, we manufacture switchboards and control panels with conventional as well as intelligent protection, control and communication. Accompanied with cost-effective design or retrofit systems tailored as per your needs and requirements.

Compliance to Indian & International standards | Modular construction, Flexible bus design | Safety features incorporated | Up to 50kA short-circuit withstand capacity & IP-55 degree of protection | Durable paint finish, Electrostatic powder coating | Cubicle design, Elegant looks

Product Range:
LT Switchboards | Power Control Centres | Motor Control Centres | Power Distribution Boards | Automatic Mains Failure Panels and more

Industrial Power Supply

Automation Control Panels

Computerized automation solution with built-in software with GUIs, database and reports helps in having real-time information. The software assures effective functionality & scalability and integrates with hardware as per specific needs. Fused with engineered applications and design that result in decreased panel size, increased panel functionality and improved panel aesthetics.

Best-in-class panel construction | Engineering techniques | Quality control | Technical support capabilities | Custom test procedures for each functionality | Skilled engineering staff in multiple market disciplines

Product Range:
Annunciation & Mimic control panels | PLC & VFD Control Panels | Control Desk / Operator Consoles and more

Industrial Power Supply | Amusement Rides | Automatic Paint Shops | Car Parking Systems | Cranes & Elevators | Plant & Machine Automation

Our Technology Partners

Autonics is a South Korean industrial automation solutions provider. The company offers an industry-leading range of sensors, controllers, motion devices, measuring equipment and more. Their productions and solutions are implemented by engineers worldwide for diverse industrial applications.