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Hot Runner Systems

In order to inject innovation in plastic moulding industry, Adroit has partnered with a Korean company, ERUM that was established in 2000. Equipped with technically advanced manufacturing unit, professional and skilled staff and on time delivery are the backbone of ERUM.

Together with ERUM, Adroit develops standard and continuously evolving high performance range hot runner components and systems. Designed as per the required specifications.

Open Gate System

Open Gate Systems are most commonly used direct gating method either with pinpoint or sprue. Economical and proven high-quality system to process wide range of general and engineering plastic products ranging from small to big sizes.

Cost effective and greater variety of standard products | Great for high cavitation moulds with close cavity pitch dimensions | Externally heated systems for outstanding processing results | Exchangeable tip, bush, thermo-couple and heating element

Home appliances like mixers, grinders, caps and clousers, like baskets etc

Valve System

Used for direct injection where cosmetic appearance is critical. It has wide range of applications for highly accurate parts where sequential injection is needed. We manufacture both pneumatic and hydraulic valve gate systems for various applications.

Large gate diameters to reduce filling time | Elimination of trimming & secondary operations | Precise control of gate opening | Minimum mould stress and wrap

LED diffusers, cosmetic jars, white goods and automotive etc.


The system is inclusive of pre-assembled nozzles, manifold, sprue bush complete wiring and connector box. It ensures your mould is back into production as early as possible. Having the nozzles screwed directly into the hot runner manifold ensures that this system avoids potential problem of plastic material leakage in the event of installation error. It is particularly easy to integrate into the mould construction by simply inserting the complete unit into the matching pre machined cut-outs.

Completely pre-assembled and pre-wired system| leak proof system, nozzles screwed into the manifold, high production reliability | Separate wire frame protects all the wirings | Reduces plate machining requirements | Easy and fast integration into the mould | Up to 70% less time to install | Easy maintenance with one-step removal | Available for direct gating with torpedo tip, open gating or as valve gate version with hydraulic or pneumatic valve pin actuation

Automotive lamp, bumper, doorknob etc.


Temperature control is critically important to the overall injection moulding process, especially when using hot runner system, as it affects all moulding variables, flow, pressure, time and of course temperature.

Manufactures modular and integrated controllers | Innovative technologies with precise and repeatable temperature control | Rugged cabinet design | Improved reliability, energy savings and ease of use

It consist of main frame units which houses guided plug-in controllers to ensure ease of replacement.

Integrated versions would have all of the advanced features that you would expect from a high-end controller, including recipe storage, automatic start up, zone slaving, diagnostics, 1/0 communications and much more.

6 Drop Pre-wired
Cassette System
6 Drop Pre-Wired
Open Gate System
Led Diffuser | Cosmetic Jar | Car Bumper, Dashboard, Lamp etc. | Household Appliances | OEM | Mould Maker for Industries like Medical, Packaging, Automotive and more
Hot Runner Accessories: Manifold Blocks | Nozzle & Tips | Heater & Thermocouple | Connectors

Our Technology Partners

ERUMTECH Ltd. develops state-of-the-art hot runner systems. Their technologies are applied to various products in our lives like household items, electronics, medical instruments, automotive and more.