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“In life, there is no such thing as impossible; it’s always possible.”
~ Venus Williams (Tennis)

And we at WTA makes it possible through teamwork. We provide our champions with the finest professionals in the field. Every expert in our team has years of experience in their respective specialty. The combined efforts of our team provide for excellent and remarkable results.


At WTA, our purpose is to instil a spirit of excellent sportsmanship in all our players in order to enable and empower them to perform in an exemplary manner on court and in life. Our high performance coaches and specialists formulate the developmental strategies for tennis in India. Education and evaluation of performance is paramount to us and thus we pave a pathway for a world class Tennis experience.

Our ambition is to give all students the best possible development, education and life-skills through Tennis, that will help them succeed in whatever they aspire for. A strong Tennis culture to be cultivated and made an integral part of life. A passion for Tennis is a powerful driving force that will propel India to the next level, generating synergies and further launch a sporting India, on a global trajectory.

India has seen some major successes in Tennis over the years. We strive to enhance this Tennis excellence program and provide a launch pad for high performance sporting achievements. Coupled with the unrivalled sense of national pride felt on Indian victories in international competitions, the pursuit for excellence in Tennis is a worthwhile endeavor. We envision a ‘Bharat’ where Indian Tennis is on the world map.


Our mission is to help every individual to reach their full potential in order to make their dream come true



An accredited tennis coach of international repute, Mr. Ratan Sharma, Founder & Director, WTA is a gentleman coach par excellence. His expertise and extensive training have enabled him to successfully work, develop and coach players ranging from local and national juniors to international pro tour levels. He is an outstanding motivator, inspirational and distinguished mentor with an experience spread over many years of playing and coaching on the national circuit.

Being associated with the topmost sports organizations in India and the cumulated wealth of experience, he has imbibed skills and insight on how to develop players to maximize their potential. He is passionate about comprehensive growth of all his mentees, whether it is the developmental stages of learning in children, optimum cellular health of performing players, sports psychology, or Tennis skills.

His immense dedication to Tennis has spanned across many years. Donning numerous hats, he has been spearheading coaching at Winners Tennis Academy (WTA) since 2006. An uncompromising coach with genuine empathy for his players, he is an ultimate guide and mentor for his students. He has pushed the boundaries and has customised the coaching concepts with respect to individual requirements, providing them with a comprehensive and highly effective training programme.

Coach ‘Pre-eminent’

  • ATP, WTA and under 18 ITF players. 
  • ‘Coach in Charge’ at Centre of Excellence- Sports Authority Of India.
  • Co-coordinator and National Tester – India for Professional Tennis Registry, USA. 
  • Head-Pro, Coordinator and Tennis Programmer for Peninsula Tennis Academy. 
  • NS NIS, Patiala Teaching Faculty, teaching aspiring national level coaches.

International Exposure

With excellent work ethics and a highly goal oriented approach, Mr. Ratan Sharma has extensive international experience of working with the best.


2009, Florida – With the world-renowned Rick Macci who has trained top 5 players in the world, Venus and Serena Williams, Jennifer Capriati, Maria Sharapova and Andy Roddick.

In the words of Ratan Sharma “Working with Rick, I enhanced my overall unique ability to analyze and correct technical, strategic and mental deficiencies and deliver the results.”

2003, Maryland, Washington – Junior Tennis Championship Centre (JTCC), College Park.


2006, Mallorca, Spain – With Jofre Pontec the official coach of Carlos Moya and Rafael Nadal (till Juniors).


2005, Sydney – International Tennis Centre, Olympic Park with David Bailey, the Father of Footwork training and personal trainer for Monica Seles.



With passion, pride, a desire to excel and motivate, Dr. Vibha Sharma the Managing Director, Administration has been a beacon of light for the young Tennis aficionados. An academician, exhibiting exemplary mettle in administering the organization, Dr. Vibha has time and again proved her grit in meeting the toughest challenges with ease. She is an economist by profession and hence logical conclusions and analysis come easy to her. With noteworthy communication skills, she is effortless in articulating a well coordinated program for WTA.
Dr. Vibha exudes warmth, empathy and positivity has motivated and guided the tennis trainees at WTA. Her pleasant personality and informal approach adds a humane, soft side to the otherwise stringent professionalism of the academy.
Her credentials are acclaimed in the world of economics.

ADVISOR (Development & High Performance)



Mr. J.S Kaul is a successful, optimistic leader, mindful and aware while being attentive to those around him. An IIT Kharagpur Graduate, he has vast experience of working with Multinational companies such as WIMCO Ltd and Pennwalt India Ltd. An extremely perceptive person, Mr. Kaul knows how to apply knowledge and acuity to his work. 

His outlook is encouraging and empowering for all the young Tennis players, whom he grooms and develops. A teen tennis player himself, he has won many titles and was ranked No. 1 player in UP in all categories and No. 3 in India in the Juniors. From 1962 to 1967 he was the tennis champion at IIT Kharagpur and was awarded the Tennis Blue in 1966, the highest award in any sport at the Institute. 

His myriad skills and roles include: 

  • Hon. Treasurer, UP-Tennis Association 
  • Recognized Director for Davis Cup ties, International Tennis Federation (UK) in UP.
  • Managed and conducted coaching camps and ITF tests for coaches and officials.
  • Conducted more than 400 national/ international tournaments since 1980. 
  • Selector for the UP-State teams at National Games and the Inter State tournament. 

ADVISOR (Sports Medicine Specialist)


Dr Manoj Sharma an acclaimed name in Delhi, is a specialist in Orthopedic and Spine surgery and a consultant at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. With his warm, realistic approach mixed with a strong emphasis on health and fitness, he helps inspire the WTA players to be proactive about their health and make changes in their lifestyle. He has aptly formulated the most effective treatment plan and monitoring process, to ensure that the players give the best performance. 


It is noteworthy that he is a keen Tennis player. Dr. Manoj has been an avid athlete and participated in various National, State and Varsity level tournaments and has several laurels to his credit. He has amalgamated his knowledge of medicine with Tennis to evolve newer concepts for dealing with the complexities of Sports injuries and their recovery.

A true gentleman, Dr. Manoj is motivated by a passion for progress in both medicine and sports with enviable credentials.

  • Captain – Lucknow University, for 4 years, (1981-85)
  • Captain – Athletics & Tennis, KGMC, Lucknow (1983-86)
  • Coach cum Manager – UP Junior Team (1987-88)
  • Participated in various National, State and College level Tournaments.
  • Life Member – Indian Medical Association
  • Life Member – Association of Spine Surgeons of India
  • Life Member – Delhi Orthopedic Association
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