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The Winners Tennis Academy (WTA) was established in 1998, and with its motto ‘Make Winning a Habit’ It certainly is not just a playground. Theacademy operates 7 days a week, servicing full time tennis squads, groupsessions and tennis coaching under the supervision of one of the mostqualified coach in India.
At WTA, each player receives personal attention and a quality tennis training program customized to suit individual goals and the level of the player . A range of Tennis programs for the tennis enthusiasts along with a full-time , high caliber tennis training program for the professional players is offered by the academy.
It is the first academy of its kind in India to develop a high-quality fitness regime to suit the individual needs of developing elite athletes by engaging a full-time qualified fitness trainer. Training components at WTA envisage an array of myriad sporting activities across wide spectrum of sports and fitness processes, that brings out professionals India can be proud of.
We are the only academy to have a sports medicine specialist to deal with the sports injuries, this resonates our philosophy of having a responsible, professional and holistic outlook towards sports.

  • WTA is the one and only premium fully integrated and professional tennis environment for growth, development and high performance coupled with academics at Billabong High International School, NOIDA.
  • This one stop solution offers young players a well adapted school curriculum with sports tuition to ensure an overall pupil development
  •  Core values of personal development and growth mindset is the WTA difference. Our team culture, program structure and commitment to excellence provides the platform for optimum learning, egaging and achieving excellence providing an opportunity to become tennis Pros.
  •  Our holistic approach delivers researched and proven methods in training, performance and recovery. Creating ownership, building confidence, developing positive habits and shaping character through education and tennis discipline. Modelled on long term athlete development principles we emphasize injury prevention. Goal specific, periodised training plans and training loads are customized to manage each individual player`s development. All programs are 100 percent pro centred.
  • Our high performance team of specialists utilizes the latest sports scince technologies and creates an environment that provides opportunity for all players to discover and enhance their physical, technical, tactical and mental/emotional skills required for high performance training and elite competition.
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