On the Way to Everywhere Whether taking public or private transportation, occupiers are never in short supply in this bustling corridor.

Airpot – 3 km 8 mins

Railway Station – 6.0 km – 25 mins

BRTS Yerwada to Wagholi (14 km, elevated)

Airpot – Vanaz – Ramwadi via Yerwada and Airport (15 km, elevated)

Pune Metro

Project Cost INR11,522 Crores
Fare Collection Automatic fare collection system with combination of smart cards & computerized paper tickets
Capacity of trains 1200+
Service Hours 19 hours / day
(from 05:00 am to 00:00 midnight)
Estimated Scheduled Travel Speed 31 KMPH to 33 KMPH
Metro Stations One metro station at Ramwadi (400 meters from the Project and Second metro station at Yerwada (900 meters from the Project).
Project Start December 2016
Estimated Completion By 2021


Improved quality of life: Shorter commutes time, reduced pollution, more reliable and safer public transport systems.

Reduce Carbon Food Print: When employees use Metro instead of their private vehicles, organizations reduce their carbon footprint.
Public safety: Metro is seen as much safer medium of transportation than any other mode including private vehicles specially for women.
Ensures sustainable urban growth: TOD curtails urban sprawl and hence reduces the strain on existing infrastructure.
Case Studies: Delhi and Mumbai already established case studies for TOD benefits in India.

Shanti One is among one of the first transit
oriented office
development (TOD) in Pune